Damien Harahap
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Full Name
Damien Harahap
  • Firebrand
  • Plays with Fire (treecat name)
  • Dupong Mwenge
  • Harvey Eldbrand
  • Ardagai Dabilenaren
Male   Male
Birth date
1869 PD

Damien Harahap was a Solarian citizen and mercenary. 


Born in 1869 PD, he was a native of the Startman System.

Until 1888 PD he was a member of a local security force. In 1888 PD he was recruited by the Solarian Gendarmerie and left the Startman System. He specialized in covert operations and rose to the rank of captain under the name "Damien Harahap". (SI1, HH14)

Between 1920 and 1921 PD, he used the codename Firebrand[1] and contacted the Freedom Alliance of Kornati and the Montana Independence Movement on behalf of Mesan Alignment operatives disguised as representatives of Manpower Incorporated and the Jessyk Combine with the purpose of supplying both with modern weapons and intelligence in order to cause uprisings and sabotage the Star Empire of Manticore's annexation efforts in the Talbott Cluster[2]. (SI1)

In 1922 PD, he was recruited as a Mesan Alignment agent to execute its Operation Janus. In that capacity, he contacted rebels in the Cripple Mountain Movement, Mobius Liberation Front, and Seraphim Independence Movement[3] leading them to believe they were dealing with the Star Empire of Manticore's representative, intent on supplying them with modern weapons and the promise of naval support by the Royal Manticoran Navy. (SI3)

He was unexpectedly unable to leave the Seraphim System however when open warfare erupted and chose to provide his services to the SIM. He continued in that capacity until the arrival of actual Manticoran reinforcements and his arrest by Captain (SG) Jacob Zavala. (SI4)

Once captured, he was sent to Manticore as a prisoner aboard HMS Tristram. Short after his arrival and interrogation however, he was adopted by the treecat Clean Killer and received the treecat name Plays with Fire. (HH14)

Genetic and Cybernetic Enhancements[]

When Harahap accepted employment with the Mesan Alignment, he received several genetic and cybernetic enhancements courtesy of scientists at the Gamma Center. The enhancements included a booster that added close to an additional century to his prolong, the ability to see in near-total darkness, repair nanites, an oxygen reservoir in his abdomen, and broad spectrum EM sensors across his shoulder blades.

He was scheduled to receive anti-disease nanites as well, but the destruction of the Gamma Center prevented it. (SI4)

Personal Ship[]

When he was brought into Operation Janus, Harahap was provided with a streak drive courier ship. He gave it the name Факел, which is pronounced "fakel" and means "torch" or "firebrand" in Macedonian.


  1. Harahap seemed to possess a certain perverse sense of humor as nearly all of his aliases were names that meant Firebrand in one language or another. In example, his Dupong Mwenge alias. SI4 states that Mwenge is Swahili for Firebrand.
  2. It seems his mission to the Mainwaring System was unsuccessful.
  3. A similar operation was conducted with the Loomis Liberation League by Partisan.