The Cromarty governments were several cabinets led by Prime Minister Allen Summervale, the Duke of Cromarty, during the reigns of Roger III and Elizabeth III. The Cromarty governments took place during an extended period before and during the First Havenite War.

History Edit

At the time of Elizabeth III's ascension to the throne in 1884 PD, Cromarty had already governed Manticore for several years as Prime Minister.

In 1900 PD, the Liberal Party and the Progressive Party were in opposition. They were opposed (for different reasons) to the long-sustained military build up under King Roger III and, after his death, Queen Elizabeth, anticipating the eventual war the Republic of Haven seemed very likely to shortly commence. They objected to the enormous expense (for the wrong purposes), even honestly in some cases. There were insufficient votes in the Manticoran Upper House for the Crown Loyalists and Centrists combined to form and maintain a government. As a result, they were obliged eventually to ally with the Conservative Association. Part of the agreement with the Association resulted in naming Admiral Sir Edward Janacek as the First Lord of Admiralty. Duke Cromarty's personal relationships with some of the unaligned Peers were also important in sustaining the government's policies. (HH1)

In 1903 PD, the Cromarty Government concluded that Manticore needed allies against the growing belligerency of the People's Republic of Haven. The Government began the process of assembling an anti-Haven Alliance by opening negotiations with the Protectorate of Grayson. (HH2)


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Preceded by
Thompson government
Star Kingdom of Manticore
c.a. 1857 - 1915 PD
Succeeded by
High Ridge government
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