Craggy Hollow was the Harrington Clan's homestead in the County Duvalier, in the Duchy of Shadow Vale on the planet Sphinx.

Honor Harrington was born there on October 1, 1859 PD. (UHH)

It was a 20km x 20km homestead bordering the Tannerman Ocean and the Copper Wall Mountains Nature Preserve. The nearest town was Twin Forks (60km away) and the nearest city was Duvalier City. The home site was made up of the main house, an air-car garage, a greenhouse, and a gazebo.[1] All of the buldings had high peaked roofs to shed the large amounts of snowfall. (HHA1.1: ABF)

The greenhouse was the location of the first human-treecat encounter when Stephanie Harrington recorded a treecat stealing celery. (SK1)

The yard held an ancient crown oak with Stephanie Harrington's initials and Lionheart's name carved into it. (HH13)


  1. The main house also had the oldest 'cat door on Sphinx.