Name: Convert class
Type: battlecruiser
Affiliation: Protectorate of Grayson
Date Introduced: 1913 PD
Mass: 918,750 t
Length: 723 m
Beam: 92 m
Draught: 82 m
Acceleration: 389.9 G
(487.4 G maximum)
Crew: 2200, including 300 Marines
Armament: broadside:
26M, 6L, 6G, 16CM, 12PD
6M, 2G, 6CM, 6PD

Convert class was the name given to five Havenite Warlord-class battlecruisers that were captured by Admiral Honor Harrington during her escape from the Cerberus System and later became part of the Protector's Own.

All part of the earlier flights of Warlords built, they were considered second-rate units in the Protector's Own, and slated for early retirement once other, more modern vessels could replace them. (Companion)

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