The Constitution of the Protectorate of Grayson was created after the Grayson Civil War by Protector Benjamin the Great, to make sure that there would never again be a period of unlawful government as the one Grayson had just survived.


The constitution created a number of regulations to transform and modernize Grayson society and government:

  • An elected Conclave of Steaders that would share legislative power with the Conclave of Steadholders was created.
  • A secular judiciary branch separate from the Sacristy of the Church of Humanity Unchained was established.
  • A planetary Grayson Army and Grayson Space Navy under the personal command of the Protector was created.
  • Steadholders were forbidden to arm and equip military forces other than their 50 personal armsmen, violations merited the Death penalty.
  • The Protectorship was transformed into a hereditary office which concentrated into itself the functions of head of state, head of government and commander-in-chief of the military.
  • Grayson law recognized that any order given by a steadholder to a personal Armsman had the force of law as long as the order did not violate the Constitution. A personal armsman, obeying an order from a steadholder, was protected from any consequences for having obeyed an illegal order, even if the order did violate the Constitution. A Steadholder who gave such an illegal order could be held responsible for giving the order, but the personal armsman who obeyed it could not be legally prosecuted. (HH9)

The Protector's Own was created to solve the problem of the Elysian Space Navy and the Allied Forces in the Cerberus System.

Under the new constitution, Benjamin the Great replaced the patriarch's key of the Steadholders with a Bible and sword as the symbols of the Protectorate, symbolizing his God-given authority as Protector. (HH5, HH9)

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