The Congo System was a star system between Manticoran and Erewhonese space. It was the location of a wormhole junction as well as the home system of the Kingdom of Torch.


The system was referred to by Mesans as Verdant Vista, as was its habitable planet. The rest of humanity mostly called it "Congo", in reference to a center of colonialism and slavery on pre-Diaspora Old Earth. (CS1)

It was also occasionally called the Torch System after the founding of the Kingdom of Torch. (CS2)

Star Geography[]

Congo was a comparably young and very hot F6 class star with at least one inhabitable planet orbiting it at a distance of about 300,000,000 kilometers. This world for a long time was under the control of Manpower Incorporated. (CS1, SI1, CS2)


Congo was originally settled by Mesans and turned into a production colony for of pharmaceuticals run mainly through forced labor.

In 1920 PD, a joint force of the Audubon Ballroom and Solarian League Marines seized control and established the independent Kingdom of Torch. (CS1)

In October 1921 PD, the Second Battle of Congo was fought in the system between the Solarian League Navy's Light Cruiser Squadron 7036 and the rogue People's Navy in Exile. (CS2)