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Name: Condor class
Type: Pinnace
Affiliation: RMN logo small boxcolored.png Star Kingdom of Manticore
Mass: 256 tons
Length: 30.5 m
Acceleration: 600 G
Crew: 3-5
Power: Rukes LF-5 micro fusion reactor
Electronics: AP/SPG-15 "Switchblade"
gravitic detection array

AP/SR-10f phased radar array
AP/ELQ-120 ECM system

Armament: 1 Mk8 2cm multirole laser
2 M309 30mm tribarrel pulse cannon

The Condor class was an armed pinnace design used by the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Technical Specifications[]

Mark 28 Condor[]

The Mark 28 Condor was designed as an air superiority/ground strike vessel, but was also equipped to serve as a troop and cargo transport. The vessel could carry a full Marine rifle company.

This type of pinnace featured adjustable "sweep wings" that could change their angle depending on the flight mode.

  • Wingspan
    • Full-extension: 36.3 m
    • Folded: 21.25 m
  • Propulsion:
    • Mk9 Small Craft Impeller Drive
    • PN-7 Attitude Control System
    • 2 BesenyTF-1700 Dual Feed Turbofans
    • RT-12 Emergency Thruster System
  • 3 separate propulsion systems:
    • Hydrogen-fueled turbines: in-atmospheric use.
    • Hydrogen-fueled reaction thrusters: vacuum maneuvers inside the threat zone of an impeller wedge.
    • Impeller drive: long-range in-vacuum flight.
  • Cargo Capacity: 8 Standard Pallets
  • Passengers: 12 (JIR1)

Mark 30 Condor II[]

The Mark 30 Condor II featured a 5cm nose-mounted laser as opposed to the 2cm laser featured in previous versions. The Mark 30 also had upgrades to sensor suites, EW, compensators, and fire control. (SI1)


  • Full extension: 36.3 m
  • Folded: 21.25 m


  • Mk9 Small Craft Impeller Drive
  • PN-7 Attitude Control System
  • 2 Beseny TF-1700 Dual Feed Turbofans
  • RT-12 Emergency Thruster System



  • 1 spinal mounted anti-ship laser
  • 2 forward mounted heavy pulser cannons
  • 6 underwing hardpoints for external munitions, 3 per wing. The environment and mission change the weapon load. From inboard missile blisters for a high-speed atmospheric strike to multiple open weapon racks attached to all the hardpoints, for an orbital installation strike. (JIR1)

Class Origen and Design[]

The Mk28 Condor-class pinnace was the standard space-superiority small craft of the RMN. The Mk28 fits inside standard RMN boat bays and dinging buffers. The variable-sweep wings give it improved aerodynamic handling at different Mach regions.

There was a shift in design philosophy following the introduction and the Mk17 Avenger-class assault shuttle and the gradual shift to medium-altitude drops of battle armored troops. Both the Mk17 assault shuttle and Mk26 Skyhawk-class pinnace are suitable for “hot landings” rapid egress of unarmored marines, giving the Mk28 the role of air and space-superiority. The Mk28 had improved manoeuvrability than the Mk17 and Mk26 and could still drop battle armored marines.

The Mk28 is a mid-wing design (unlike the Mk25/26 series) with troop/cargo and crew hatches above the wing. The troop/cargo hatches are accessed via a folding ramp while the crew hatches have extended ladders to ground level. (JIR1)


The Mk28 can perform contra-gravity vertical take-off using its counter-grav, the lifting capability exceeds unity with full cargo load, this reduces the need for a runway. The craft is capable of flying on atmospheric lift alone not using the counter-grav, and a 5 Mach limit for aerodynamic maneuvering in a 1 bar atmosphere. Because the atmospheric regions influence performance, the planetary atmospheric conditions and their effect on the performance are included in the flight mission briefing for pilots. (JIR1)

Internal Arrangement[]

The internal space of the Mk28 consists of the flight deck with a 12 person passenger bay behind it. The craft has an airlock on the starboard side and a crew hatch on the port side, the rest is a cargo deck, there are hatches on both starboard and port sides amidships to load the pallets. There are also 2 hydraulically assisted hatches in the aft quarter of the floor inside the pallet grid. This gives the Mi28 a modular design that can be configured depending on the mission. (JIR1)

Standard Configuration[]

  • 2 forward pallets for passengers.
  • 6 aft pallets for cargo.

Drop Configuration[]

  • 8 pallets of retractable jump seating.
  • Additional setting deployed from the other bulkheads.
  • Capacity 144 marines (a rifle company)
  • Tractor rails along the deckhead for packs and equipment.

Designed for maximum bodies and minimum comfort. The seats fold into the dickhead as each row exits through the side hatches on each side, (in both landing or low altitude egress) for more room to move. (JIR1)

Assault Configuration[]

6 or 8 pallets of rack support for battle armor and equipment. The battle armor fits into standard racks with their equipment tractor locked directly above each unit.

  • 8 Pallets: No access to ventral hatches.
  • 6 Pallets:  When the mission require the 2 ventral hatches can be left clear to allow quicker egress.

Fire Support Configuration[]

  • For close ground support.
  • Configuration reserved for Marine transport vessels like the Broadsword-class.
  • A variety of systems can retract the side hatches. Wider pallets (with a pressure collar) with remotely fired pulser blisters.
  • Retractable ventral hatches can fit special ordinance pallets with magazines of deadfall or guided ordinance.

Casualty Evacuation[]

  • 2 pallet emergency field hospital in front of the bay.
  • 6 pallets of stretcher bays.
  • Capacity:
    • Standard: 54 stretchers, stacked two high.
    • Extreme: extra 27 stretchers in the third level for trauma cases that need a stable place to rest. (JIR1)


Mk. 30 Condor class

Majestic-class dreadnoughts and Reliant-class battlecruisers were each equipped with four Mk28 Condors. King William-class superdreadnoughts carried three. (JIR1)

Edward Saganami C-class heavy cruisers such as HMS Hexapuma carried three Mk30 Condors. (SI1)

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