The title of Commandant could refer to the commanding officer of the Royal Manticoran Naval Academy, or to the commanding officer of its sub-school, the Advanced Tactical Course.

Traditionally the posts were given to Admirals. (HH1, HH9)

Commandant of the Academy[edit | edit source]

The Commandant of the Academy traditionally addressed the Last View, the final gathering of graduate midshipmen before they were sent on their respective midshipman cruises. (HH11)

Commandant of the Advanced Tactical Course[edit | edit source]

During the First Haven-Manticore War, the Admiralty reduced the Commandant of the ATC's tenure to two years to maximize the number of combat-experienced officers the students would have exposure to.

Known Commandants of the Academy[edit | edit source]

Known Commandants of the ATC[edit | edit source]

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