A cup of hot cocoa

Cocoa was a beverage made from the beans of the cocoa plant originally grown in the tropics on Old Earth. It was usually mixed with milk. Honor Harrington preferred hot cocoa to coffee. (HH1)

In 1903 PD, Harrington continued to enjoy her cocoa. According to her, cocoa was the only beverage that could survive a Sphinxian winter. In the aftermath of the Battle of Blackbird, James MacGuiness and Fritz Montoya slipped a mickey into Harrington's usual cup of cocoa to force her to sleep.

In the hours prior to the Second Battle of Yeltsin's Star, Captain Harrington ordered sandwiches and cocoa for the bridge crew. (HH2) In late 1904 PD, Harrington was served cocoa on the HMS Nike. MacGuiness would add a touch of almond to it, which was a popular variant of the drink on Gryphon. (HH3)

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