Name: Cimeterre class
Type: light attack craft
Affiliation: Sign HavenArmedForces.jpg Republic of Haven
Preceded By: Program 13-class
Crew: 13-15

The Cimeterre class was a class of light attack craft built and used by the Republic of Haven Navy.

Class Design[]

Designed not as a miniature-starship but as a very big small craft the Cimeterre-class was the Havenite counter to the Manticoran Shrike- and Ferret-classes. Unlike Manticorian designs, the Cimeterre was intended primarily for fleet defense rather than an offensive role wherein it would counter screen battle formations from enemy LACs rather than launch long range strikes against opposing LACs or enemy battle squadrons.

This design philosophy meant that the Cimeterre only had an endurance of 96 hours with over half of the triple-redundancy damage control and repair systems found in larger warships tossed out. It also lacked any energy weapons needed for combat against enemy battle units and was armed purely with missiles. Unfortunately, it was often necessary for the Republican fleets to use Cimeterres in roles beyond their original design and this, as well as their general technical inferiority to Manticorian designs often led to a high rate of loss.

Amongst the tactical doctrines featured for this class was a maneuver called the 'Triple ripple'. This consisted of three waves of missiles equipped with very dirty nuclear warheads that would produce wave fronts of plasma and radiation when detonated. The aim was to degrade if not outright destroy the opponents remote platforms as well as confuse his fire control. (HH10)

Design Variants[]


Following the windfall of technological data acquired from Erewhon when it left the Manticoran Alliance and signed a treaty with the Republic, Shannon Foraker designed the Cimeterre-Alpha to mimick the Manticoran Shrike-class. It incorporate fission plants, bow walls and a spinal laser powerful enough to engage destroyers and cruisers.[1] The Alpha carried vastly reduced missile loads.


Designed after the Manticoran Ferret-class, the Cimeterre-Beta merely incorporated the newer power supplies and bow walls, but retained its missile load. (HH11)


  1. unlike the Shrike-class, which had a graser that could take on battlecruisers.

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