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Christianity was one of humanity's largest religions, with billions of worshippers organized in different denominations and sects all over the colonized universe.

While its origins lay in Judaism, an even older monotheist faith, Christianity was characterized by the teachings of its founder, Jesus Christ, who was in fact a Jewish rabbi.

History Edit

Christianity evolved in the first half of the 1st Millenium CE on Earth, and became the predominant religion in large parts of the world in the millenia to come. It eventually split up into a number of faiths, mainly Catholicism and Protestantism.

One of the Protestant sects was the Church of Humanity Unchained, led by The Reverend Austin Grayson, who believed that the use of technology had corrupted much of humanity. Grayson and his followers eventually left the planet Earth in a colony ship and settled on a planet they named after their leader. (HH2)

The Catholic Church eventually reformed its much stricter teachings, permitting women in the priesthood and allowing polygamy. (HH11)

Important Christian faiths Edit

Jesus Mosaic

Jesus, founder of the Christian faith

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  1. The Masadan branches of the Church of Humanity Unchained cannot really be considered Christians, since they rejected the New Testament and the divinity of Jesus.

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