The Chou family was an influential family native to the planet Beowulf in the Sigma Draconis System.

Of all the medical "dynasties" of Beowulf, acknowledged throughout known space as masters of medicine and other life-sciences, the Chous, together with the Benton-Ramirez family, stood at the very pinnacle, with a multigenerational commitment to the field of genetic medicine which stretched back to well before Earth's Final War. They developed Prolong Treatment in conjunction with the Benton-Ramirezes.

Chou Keng-ju had led the bioethics fight against Leonard Detweiler and the other "progressive eugenics" advocates that eventually led to Detweiler's exile on Mesa.

The Chou were related by marriage to the Benton-Ramirezes and the Harrington Clan of Manticore.[1] (HH11)

References[edit | edit source]

  1. through Allison Chou's marriage to Alfred Harrington
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