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Name: Chanson class
Type: Destroyer
Affiliation: RMN logo small boxcolored Star Kingdom of Manticore
Date Introduced: 1867 PD
Preceded By: Havoc class
Succeeded By: Javelin class
Mass: 78,000 tons
Length: 367 m
Beam: 43 m
Draught: 25 m
Crew: 307
– 27 Officers
– 242 Enlisted
– 38 Marines
Power: 2 Rukes MFR-7a fusion reactors
Magazines: 160 Mk34 anti-ship missiles
444 Mk21 countermissiles
6 Mk19 EW drones
Auxiliary Craft: 2 Hawk-class pinnaces
2 Dakota-class cutters

The Chanson class was a class of destroyers built and used by the Royal Manticoran Navy in the late 19th and early 20th Century PD.

History Edit

The class was designed as the destroyer counterpart to the Illustrious-class light cruiser and the Star Knight-class heavy cruiser, as part of the general "active defenses paramount" philosophy; its mixture of beam weapons, missiles and defense systems made for strong defenses at the expense of offensive power. A total of 204 have been built since 1867.

Most Chansons mounted older Mod 6 missile launchers, which was supplanted by the faster cycling and more reliable Mod 6a. Several units in the class' third and fourth flight were equipped with newer launchers, and several older ones were refitted.

With its strong defense and long endurance, the Chanson class was well suited for various duties, including as convoy escorts, scouts, on picket duty, in destroyer screens, as well as to "show the flag" in smaller polities.

Like many RMN designs, the class was strong in missile duels against other destroyers and even some light cruisers as long as it stayed out of range of the energy weapons. As a multi-role design, it lacked the offensive strength of the Havoc class, which could come in costly during counter-picket duty. (JIR1)

Three Flight IV ships of this type were sold to the Grayson Space Navy in 1903 PD, and were officially designated as the Joseph class. (GNLH)

Technical specifications Edit

  • Missile tube cycle time: 14 seconds
  • Broadside:  3M, 3L, 4CM, 4PD
  • Chase:  2M, 1L, 2CM, 2PD
  • Number built:  204
  • Service Life: 1867-Present

Known Ships[1]Edit

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