The Cataphract was a crude attempt by the Mesan Alignment to duplicate the multi-drive missiles in use by the Star Empire of Manticore and the Republic of Haven.

Specifications Edit

Based on Solarian shipkillers, the Cataphract was essentially a single drive missile with the addition of an anti-missile drive to the final stage. The resulting missiles were twenty percent longer than standard size of the shipkillers they were based on and had half the lasing rods and less powerful seekers, ECM, and penaids. The tradeoff in power gave them a powered range from rest of almost 16.6 million kilometers. (CS2, HH12)

Production Edit

The official supplier of the Cataphract was the Solarian corporation Technodyne Industries.[1] (HH13)

Variants Edit

The first generation of Cataphract came in three variants:

  • The A variant - based on the Solarian League Navy Spatha destroyer/light cruiser missile - was capable of being launched from heavy cruisers and battlecruisers.
  • The B variant - based on the SLN Javelin heavy cruiser/battlecruiser missile - was capable of being launched from superdreadnoughts.
  • The C variant - based on the SLN Trebuchet capital missile was only capable of being launched from missile pods. (CS2)

The longer range second generation of Cataphract was only capable of being launched from missile pods. (HH14)

References Edit

  1. While Technodyne was the official supplier of record for the Cataphracts, Fleet Admiral Massimo Filareta of the Solarian League Navy suspected that they were supplied by someone else as ammunition ships supplying his Eleventh Fleet came from Mesa rather than Yildun.
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