Case Lacoön was the Royal Manticoran Navy contingency plan to close all wormhole termini under its control to Solarian traffic in the event that the Solarian League was engaged in aggression short of war against the Star Kingdom of Manticore.

Lacoön One, the first phase of the plan, was the recall of Manticoran merchantmen from Solarian space and the closure of Manticore-controlled warp termini to Solarian traffic. In theory, Lacoön One was a protective recall of Manticore merchantmen followed by a protective expulsion of Solarian merchantmen from Manticoran space.

Lacoön Two, the second phase of the plan, included active commerce raiding operations and the extension of de facto Manticoran control to every wormhole nexus within its reach, regardless of who that nexus nominally belonged to.

When word of the Battle of Spindle reached Manticore in 1922 PD, Queen Elizabeth III ordered First Space Lord Thomas Caparelli to transmit the activation orders for Lacoön One and to make any military movements appropriate in its support. (HH12, HH13)

Seized Junctions[]

Known Solarian and neutral junctions that were seized included:


  1. Task Force 47, commanding officer. His presence in the Stine Terminus was mentioned as of August 1922 PD. (HH14)
  2. CO Cruiser Squadron 31 supported by HMS Selkie (CLAC) and HMS Bandolier (AE).
  3. Senior officer of the picket comprised of 3 CA (including HMS Sloan Tompkins) and 4 DD.
  4. Senior officer of the picket comprised of HMS Onyx, HMS Smilodon, HMS Tornado and HMS Othello (2 CA, 2 DD).
  5. Task Group 47.3, commanding officer.
  6. Each terminus covered by detached destroyer squadron and the CLAC (HMS Ozymandias - Roulette Terminus, HMS Midas - Limbo Terminus.)
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