The Casca System was a star system in the space between the Manticoran Alliance and the Republic of Haven. (HH3)

Its inhabited planet was also named Casca. (MA2)

Star geography[]

It was located twenty-two light years to the galactic east of the Yeltsin's Star System.[1] (HH2)


The system's capital was Quechua City, while its standard currency was the Cascan sol. (MA2)

In 1903 PD, the system was the destination of Captain Honor Harrington's convoy, with a small stop at Yeltsin's Star. The escorts immediately left the system to return to Yeltsin afterwards. (HH2)

Casca was originally neutral to both the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the People's Republic of Haven, but joined the Manticoran Alliance in the early 1910s PD. (HH5, HH7)


  1. Note that there appear to be two Casca Systems. In this map, it is as described, while in the map for War of Honor, there is another Casca System which is located about 60 LY south of Trevor's Star.