Carolyn Wolcott
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Carolyn Wolcott
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Carolyn Wolcott was a Manticoran citizen and an officer of the Royal Manticoran Navy.


In 281 AL, Wolcott graduated from the Royal Manticoran Naval Academy on Saganami Island with Mai-ling Jackson. In 1903 PD, she held the rank of Ensign and was assigned to the heavy cruiser HMS Fearless (CA-286) as a junior tactical officer, her first assignment out of the Academy. Wolcott brought Admiral Raoul Courvosier's baggage down to Grayson when a Grayson officer attempted to sexually assault her. At first, she was too embarrassed to talk to her ship's executive officer, Lieutenant Commander Andreas Venizelos, but Lieutenants Prescott Tremaine and Rafael Cardones persuaded her to tell him. When she told Venizelos, she was brought before Captain Honor Harrington and told about her harassment at the hands of the Grayson officers. An investigation was started afterwards.

She later lost two friends on the HMS Apollo, who were killed in the Battle of Blackbird. In the hours before the Second Battle of Yeltsin's Star, Wolcott was very nervous, but Lieutenant Cardones was able to give her words of encouragement. During a brief interlude in the battle, she was ordered to take some time to rest. (HH2)

Promoted to Lieutenant, she served aboard the armed merchant cruiser Wayfarer. She was killed during the Battle of the Selker Rift, when a Havenite graser beam hit the command deck and a splinter from an explosion on the bridge cut her body in half. (HH6)

Service Record[]


  • Ensign (in or before 1903 PD)
  • Lieutenant (in or before 1908 PD)


  • Junior Tactical Officer, HMS Fearless (CA-286)
  • Assistant Tactical Officer, HMAMC Wayfarer