Burdette Steading was a Grayson steading, or feudal province.

The Steading's capital and first settlement was Burdette City.


Burdette Steading was, together with Mayhew, Yanakov, Mackenzie and Bancroft, one of Grayson's first five Steadings, and alongside the other four founding Steadings it more or less exerted control over Grayson until the Civil War and Benjamin the Great's constitution helped to tilt the balance of power towards the Protector.

During the 13th Century PD, rule over the Steading passed from the Burdette clan to the Fitzclarence clan. By 1907 PD, the title of Steadholder Burdette was held by William Fitzclarence. There were at least forty generations of Steadholders Burdette. (HH5)

During the Time of the Great Keys the Ministry of Justice 'belonged' to Steadholder Burdette.

After the Mayhew Restoration and the establishment of female property ownership, Burdette law made a woman's protector responsible for her debts and property. (HHA6.5: OS)

After the disgraceful death of William Fitzclarence in a duel against Honor Harrington, the Burdette Key passed to a cousin, Nathan Fitzclarence, who did his best to show his loyalty to the Protector, even sending several women from his steading to the Royal Manticoran Naval Academy for officer training, although he did not expect them to actually graduate. (HHA6.5: OS)


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