The Brotherhood of Maccabeus was an extremist group in the Protectorate of Grayson, secretly in league with Masada. Their leader was code-named Maccabeus.

History Edit

Identity of Maccabeus Edit

The first known Maccabeus[1] was Oliver Mayhew, the Grayson Minister of Industry and a staunt conservative. After his death, the position and name was taken over by his son, Jared Mayhew, cousin of Protector Benjamin IX and third in line to the Protectorship. This position was used to place Maccabean agents on various freighters to help Masadan agents move and leave from Grayson.

The Brotherhood also helped Masada build a covert base on Blackbird, a moon of the gas giant Uriel. Maccabeus played his role so smoothly that the Grayson authorities did not even get wind until the failed assassination attempt. (HH2)

Assassination attempt Edit

In 1903 PD, the Brotherhood organized an assassination attempt on Protector Benjamin IX and his family. They used fake Palace Security uniforms to infiltrate the Protector's Palace, but were stopped by Captain Honor Harrington and her treecat Nimitz. They also used disruptors to discredit the Star Kingdom of Manticore and blame them for trying to conquer Grayson. They were then going to set-up Jared Mayhew as the new Protector.

Jared confessed to be Maccabeus after many of the assassins were captured during the assassination attempt.[2] Captain of the Faithful Williams was privy to the information about Maccabeus, because he was the commanding officer of Blackbird Base. (HH2)

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References Edit

  1. The name most likely refers to Judas Maccabeus, the leader of the Maccabean revolt against the Seleucid Empire in the 2nd Century BC.
  2. It was never mentioned, but he was likely executed for treason.
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