A Fandom user 21 February

LACs in Hyperspace

Can a LAC be launched form a carrier and function in hyperspace

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Dotz Dotz 26 September 2019

Battle of Hypatia - Questions.

  1. It seems it wasn't possible to ram TUFT's before they deployed 12k missile pods. Coping with 98 BC with onboard missiles only could be much easier (2744 Cataphracts A, 686 missiles per RMN's ship). No Manty commander knew about Partian shot option. It would endanger civilians' evacuation, however.
  2. Knowing it is suicide mission, the question is - why Admiral Kotouč didn't release Marine complements
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Dotz Dotz 23 September 2019

Overseized Manty battlecruisers

... will they enconter their Bismarck or a swarm of deadly LACs?

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Dotz Dotz 23 September 2019

Non-humant sentient species

My new ideas:

  1. prolong for treecats (Medusans?),
  2. Growlers could be remnants of semi-intelligent Alphane pets.
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RJRey RJRey 7 July 2019

I did it again...

One day a month or two (perhaps more) ago, I was in need of something to read that would not disappoint so of course I picked up one of my Honor Harrington novels. It didn't matter which one, I've read them all multiple times.

But of course.. once I started, I had to read each one in the main time line. Now I have to get started on the "others" as well. 

When it comes to building my business, this is a HUGE distraction. I do tell myself that I am learning important lessons from Honor and her friends but that's just an excuse to once again dive in and disappear into a world where there are people who deserve to be admired.  Now if only they were real.

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JohnBobMead JohnBobMead 3 October 2018

Latest Releases: Uncompromising Honor, Dark Fall

The latest Honor Harrington novel, Uncompromising Honor, by David Weber, was released by Baen Books on October 2, 2018, in Hardcover and eBook. This is HH14. 

Dark Fall, a new novelette by David Weber set in the Honorverse, was also released. It's available as a freebie from Baen's website; the October Free Fiction release. 

It provides the background behind the initial colonization of the "Bolthole" system by a multi-generation colony ship whose initial destination planet was devastated by two planet killer asteroid strikes scant years prior to their arrival; it was rendered uninhabitable, and they were forced to seek another system with less than a hundred years left until their ship ceased being functional due to age.

There did turn out to …

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Freyja65 Freyja65 23 October 2017

Any word on the latest Honor Harrington novel?

According to TV Tropes, the latest novel will come out 2018 and will end the series, wrapping things up.  So, anyone else hear about Uncompromising Honor (working title)?

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Farragut79 Farragut79 25 January 2015

Wiki mentioned in Tales of Honor Vol 1

My copy of Tales of Honor Vol 1 just came in and I noticed in the appendix, we were listed alongside davidweber.net and top cow websites. Congratulations guys, keep up the good work. 

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Pokermind Pokermind 12 January 2014

Four new Honorverse Medal Arts posted by Scott Bell Art by Thomas Marone approved by David Weber

Scott Bell designed four new versions of medals Thomas Marrone did the art here they are if you wish to seperate and use Source http://forums.davidweber.net/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4985:

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HexaTiger HexaTiger 16 December 2013

Networking in the Honorverse

I have thought a little about how networking and communication works in the honorverse. While something like the internet is very usable on one planet, the current protocols break down even for intra-system communication, much less for FTL travel.

It's not clear how far computing performance has come in roughly two millenia. Past progress was exponential, but we are already hitting problems. Nonetheless, in the Honorverse you could probably fit a 21st century data center into a pack of cigarettes, both in terms of datastorage and computing. If you really wanted to. Many consumer devices would exchange the computing power they don't need for cheaper manufacturing and longer battery life.

The "internet" landscape of the honorverse hasn't been …

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SaganamiFan SaganamiFan 17 July 2013

Impact of prolong on society

Recently I thought a lot about the way a human society would change when almost everyone's natural lifespan was doubled or quadrupled within a few generations. It would completely change the way humans plan their life, wouldn't it? You could live several lives in a row, from our perspective, as you likely wouldn't do the same thing for hundreds of years. You could have children who could be a hundred years apart in age. You likely wouldn't remain married to the same person for hundreds of years, (let's face it, most people can't even manage one of our lifetimes together...)

The whole concept of inheritance as we know it would be gone; as Weber mentions once, a monarch like Elizabeth III could rule for hundreds of years, and by the time he o…

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Farragut79 Farragut79 26 May 2013

Ship Class Updates

I have been putting info boxes and organizing the various Ship Class articles. Here is the list of finished ones:

1. Haven

2. Silesia

3. Andermani Empire

By no means the articles are completely down, since I have put Jayne's stuff and others in. 

I will be tackling the following articles:

1. Solarian League

2. Torch

3. Mesa

4. Other Ship Class Articles

5. The Beast aka RMN

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SaganamiFan SaganamiFan 17 May 2013

House of Steel

House of Steel, the first Honorverse companion, has been released, and I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all fellow Honorverse fans to purchase a copy of this beautiful piece of reference material.

Over time, most of the information will find its way into the Honorverse Wiki in some way, as we try to collect all there is, but that should not defer you from getting House of Steel for yourselves, be it in hardcover or e-book format. This project is a collaborative work of many people at BuNine who put a lot of effort into it, and should be rewarded accordingly.

Making this project a financial success will also ensure the release of future companions on the Havenites, Andermani, and Mesans, and I'm sure we all want to see those m…

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Leebickley Leebickley 7 May 2013

Shadow of Freedom

Whom every does the updating here...  Shadow of Freedom is not HH14...  it is  SI03.   the next book to be release someday is   Cauldron of Ghosts CS03 and what and when HH14...  well your guess is as good as my

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SaganamiFan SaganamiFan 6 May 2013

Masada colonization

This kinda goes out to people who have an idea about population growth and the likes.

We know that the Masada colony was founded by less than 50,000 people in the 14th Century PD. (HH2 said that I think) Would that be a significant enough population to colonize a planet to a point that you could build a space navy a few hundred years later? Especially considering how anti-tech they were?

I'm asking because I remember an episode of the reimagined BattleStar Galactica series where they did some calculations and realized that even if they found a new planet, their numbers where to small to build up a lasting human population.

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Dotz Dotz 27 April 2013

Alternative bonding

A Medusan and a treecat. Wow! --dotz (talk) 14:46, April 27, 2013 (UTC)

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Rancke Rancke 14 March 2013

What happened 400 years ago?

I'm rereading Echoes of Honor and came across a statement about the Manticore-Haven War being "an interstellar war on a scale the galaxy hadn't seen in at least four hundred years". So what happened 400 years ago that might arguably be comparable to the Manticore-Haven War?

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Gregoblv Gregoblv 6 February 2013

How did she do that?

In Mission of Honor how did Abigail Hearns slip away for Mateo when she and Helen went to the restraunt to meet Gwen and Helga for lunch? 

Just a item to think about, thats all.

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Gregoblv Gregoblv 3 February 2013

Line for the Crown

David points out many times in several books Mike's position in the line for the Crown.  I have wondered about this line and tried to work out how it would go.  The first 3 are easy to figure due to their direct relationship to Elisbeth, but then there is a hole.

1. Crown Prince Roger

2. Priincess Joanna

3. Duke Michael

4. ?

5. Mike

Would that 4th person be Mike's mother, Lady Caitrin Winton-Henke, and if so How would it effect the constitutional clause of the monarch required to marry a commoner?

Just thought I would throw that out there and see what you thought.

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Machievelli Machievelli 24 December 2012

Torch Naval Designation

I am curious, is TNS (The designation given in the Wiki) canon as per Mr. Weber? As a constitutional Monarchy (Such as Sweden and Holland here on Earth) shouldn't it be TRMS (Torch Royal Majesty Ship)?

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Machievelli Machievelli 24 December 2012

Location of Mesa

What I am curious about is the location of Mesa in regard to Torch and Sol itselt

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Dotz Dotz 27 October 2012

3 generations of Havenite flag officers

  1. - legislaturalists and consortes - purged
  2. - former Captains - under Public Safety (Tourville, Theisman, Ogilvy, Thurston)
  3. - New Republic youngs (Zrubek, Midge Austell, Diamato, Foraker)

...and Chin forever...--dotz (talk) 21:18, October 27, 2012 (UTC)

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SaganamiFan SaganamiFan 25 October 2012


I only recently realized what an awesome amount of tuckerization (naming characters after real life fans or acquaintances) there is in Weber's books.

The ones I can point out so far are:

  • Michael Ankenbrandt (resistance fighter Michael Ankenbrandt)
  • Tim Bolgeo (Petty Officer Bolgeo and Tennessee Bolgeo)
  • Joe Buckley (various, obviously)
  • David Mattingly (Harrington Armsman Simon Mattingly)
  • Eric Flint (bar owner Eric Flint)
  • Russell Isler (StateSec Captain Isler)
  • Thomas Marrone (MLF propagandist Thomas Marrone)
  • Timothy Zahn (Sidemoran analyst Tim Zahn)

Did you guys spot any others?

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Samanda Samanda 8 September 2012

More detailed citations?

Does anybody want to migrate (gradually) to more detailed citations, as on RCN wiki? Something that looks like H11:12 for Chapter 12 of At All Costs. Or would that be too much detail for the older bigger Honorverse material?--Samanda (talk) 20:22, September 8, 2012 (UTC)

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SaganamiFan SaganamiFan 17 August 2012

RCN Wiki

Hi guys,

as Samanda has already discovered, I have started another wiki. My newest victim is David Drake's RCN series, an open ended science fiction series that may seem somewhat familiar to you if you have read Drake's Honorverse short story "A Grand Tour", which is actually Drake's first draft of what later became the first RCN novel, With the Lightenings. (I happen to know Dotz is a fan ;-) )

The wiki is based on the same concept as the Honorverse wiki, with an in-universe past tense style and an extensive reference system (which Samanda already improved). There's only a few articles so far, since I'm currently reading the series for the first time myself.

Any of you who know the novels, or have become interested now, are of course welcome …

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Farragut79 Farragut79 22 June 2012

Let's Get a new Featured Article

I'm thinking we should get a new featured article up. The last one has been up since September of 2010. Maybe even go through a different one every two months on a different subject, we had a book one, a starship one, let's do a character or a planet? Farragut79 05:56, June 22, 2012 (UTC)

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Niskyking Niskyking 16 June 2012

what is on my summer to do list?

I'm listening to David Weber's Honor Harrington Series. I am up to A Short Victorious War. I drive School Bus for Summer School and playing farmville and other games. I hope to see Avenger's while it is still at theaters and looking forward to Brave. Living in the Houston Area means I'm staying where the A/C works. Hope who reads this has a great summer.

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SaganamiFan SaganamiFan 21 February 2012

The Movie adaptation

Well, since last autumn, we know that David Weber has found a studio he likes to adapt Honor's adventures into a movie series. Everything is still in its early stages, and it will be years before the first movie comes out.

It's gonna be very interesting to see how this turns out, in my opinion. DW has already adressed the fact that some changes will have to be made. Obviously, the sheer scope of the Honorverse mandates that. On Basilisk Station may be comparibly easy to adapt, they can obmit a lot of minor details and merge some characters, but the more the series progresses, the more complex it gets. In the end, fans of the books will find a lot of stuff left out, and everyone will have one or two favorite things that didn't make it to the …

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Pokermind Pokermind 16 January 2012

Hi all my second Blog on this site or ever

Sorry did not know posts of photos on my profile page would go on main page and some of my art is not so good, ah well live and learn. Posted to blank coffie mug arts if you want your own chief's mug, want another ship or rank do your own. CPO Poker Mind

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Pokermind Pokermind 16 January 2012

Hi all my first Blog on this site or ever

Name is Poker Mind, with my trusty treecat sidekick SCF Mangy Fur have been sturing up David Weber's forum for a while. In making my profile I did not realize photos would apper on the site commons, Oops. Added two blank Chief's mug art if you want to copy and add your name like mine and have a coffie mug made, well that's what I made the blanks for. All the art I made was for David Weber's site in posts some is frankly atrocious, sorry. So long for now, and sorry for the inconvience I may have caused, live and learn.

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Shovelfoot7 Shovelfoot7 28 November 2011

A Question About Ship Construction?

If anyone knows could you clue me in on how ships in the honor verse are constructed- warships I mean. I'd like to know more about how they are made and their layout.

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MaximusHH MaximusHH 1 October 2010

Races or ethnicities in Honorverse?

Hi everyone,

Just a quick introduction, I started reading Honor Harringtone about 10 years ago as a recommendation from a South African friend. I started with HH1 and loved it so much! At the time it was really difficult to get hold of the HH series books in the UK but I manged to get HH1 and HH3 from Waterstones or somewhere like that. There was also a few on Amazon but they were in the States and too expensive to import at the time for me. I have been a massive Sci-Fi fan all my life so reading HH was like a breath of fresh air, and I wan't such a big reader of Sci-Fi either but loved Sci-Fi films and TV series.

So recently I decided to pick up HH1-2-3-4 from Amazon.co.uk as they have the entire series now availble in uk for reasonable pri…

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Dotz Dotz 12 December 2009

Repeated Motiffs

  • escape from hostile warship: HH2, HH7,
  • midshipmem cruise: HH0, HHA4, SS1,
  • officer's degradation: HH1, HH4,
  • orders issued by flag captain when commanding admiral eliminated: HH3, HH8,
  • sharpshooters: HH4, HHA1,
  • fake executions: HH6, HH8,
  • desperate defence of convoy: HH3 (convoy to Grendelbane), HH6 (Selker's Rift), HH7 (Adler), SI1 (Hyacinth).
  • cruisers vs battlecruisers: HH2, SI1 (x 3), WS2
  • force comprised of cruiser and destroyer: HH2, SI1
  • "All we need is short victoriuos war...": HH3 of course, but HH12 also (Rajampet Rajani)

--dotz 20:37, October 3, 2009 (UTC) --dotz 22:00, December 12, 2009 (UTC) --dotz 19:22, March 21, 2010 (UTC)

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Dotz Dotz 19 July 2009

Final battle

Well, it seems most of Honor Harrington novels are ended with final battle:

  • HH0 - battle against PSN vessel,
  • HH1 - battle against PNS Sirius,
  • HH2 - battle of Yeltsin,
  • HH3 - battle of Hancock,
  • HH4 - duel with Young,
  • HH5 - another battle of Yeltsin,
  • HH6 - battle of Selker's Rift,
  • HH7 - battle against Tepeses' crews,
  • HH8 - battle of Cerberus,
  • HH9 - Theismans' coup,
  • HH10 - battle in the Sidemore System,
  • HH11 - battle of Manticore,
  • WS1 - the Congo System takeover,
  • WS2 - battle of Torch?
  • SI1 - battle of Monica,
  • SI2 - Mesan "strom from the shadows" - or there appeared no volume to describe ongiong battles in the Talbott Quadrant.

--dotz 13:57, 19 July 2009 (UTC)

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