Blackbird Base was a Masadan military base that was secretly built on Blackbird, a moon of the gas giant Uriel in the Yeltsin's Star System.


The base predated Masada's alliance with the People's Republic of Haven. The Graysons never noticed its existence within their borders until the early 20th Century PD.

In 1903 PD, Blackbird was under the command of Captain Williams. After the First Battle of Yeltsin's Star the surviving crewmembers of the Royal Manticoran Navy destroyer HMS Madrigal were brought to the base. The Masadans raped the female prisoners and killed many others at random, including Commander Alvarez.

Soon after, Manticore and Grayson learned of the base's existence from Thomas Theisman, a captured Havenite loan officer. It was then assaulted and captured by combined Grayson and Manticorian forces led by Captain Honor Harrington in the Battle of Blackbird. Harrington decided not to destroy it from orbit and look for survivors from the Madrigal. An assault force of Royal Marines took the base. During the battle, Captain Williams erased the base's computer. The captured Masadans were placed in the base's mess hall. Captain Susan Hibson of the RMMC led the assault and her squads captured to the Level Five power planet, but the Masadans still held parts of Levels Five and Four, where the Madrigal prisoners were being held. The surviving defenders had orders from Williams to kill the prisoners, but they were stopped by the Marines.

Afterwards, Captain Harrington took a tour of the base. In the end, only nineteen of the fifty-three Manticoran survivors could be rescued. (HH2)

Years later, Greene was transferred to Blackbird Base from GNS Francis Mueller.[1] (HHA4.3: ASNF)


  1. This later reference leads one to assume Blackbird Base was taken over and run by the Grayson Space Navy.