The Beowulf Terminus was a terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction located in the Sigma Draconis System, the oldest settlement of humanity outside the Sol System.

The first transit of the terminus occurred in 1585 PD when the survey ship Pathfinder successfully passed through the junction and emerged in the Sigma Draconis System. (Companion)

The location of the terminus, in the core worlds of the Solarian League, made it a major transit point for merchant traffic. And the fact that the Junction was the largest known, having more termini than any other, merely increased its shipping importance. (HH1)

The Star Kingdom of Manticore retained actual sovereignty of the terminus, but the Beowulf Terminus was administered and controlled by the Beowulf Terminus Corporation while the Beowulf System-Defense Force was responsible for its security. (HH13,infodump)

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