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The Battles of Solway and Treadway were armed engagements between the People's Navy and Royal Manticoran Navy in the First Havenite-Manticoran War. (HH9)

First battles of Solway and Treadway[]

In the First Battles of Solway and Treadway, somewhen after 1906 PD, both systems were captured from the People's Republic of Haven. Such operation was concerned with protection of the nearby Manticoran Grendelsbane Station. (HH5, HH9)

Second battles of Solway and Treadway[]

The Second Battles of Solway and Treadway were a part of the Havenites' Operation Scylla in 1914 PD.

Order of battle[]

Allied order of battle is unknown. On the Havenite side were task forces of the Twelfth Fleet:

  • Solway System was attacked by forces under the command of Vice Admiral Lester Tourville
  • Treadway System was attacked by forces under the command of Admiral Javier Giscard

Each of the Havenite task forces included a half battlesquadron of the State Security Naval Forces, assigned by Secretary of War Esther McQueen to squadrons to which task force flagships belonged. The two task forces combined consisted of at least 16 superdreadnoughts, 8 dreadnoughts and 39 battleships. (HH9)


In both battles during Operation Scylla, the 12th Fleet of the People's Navy suffered significant losses.

In the Second Battle of Solway, Vice Admiral Tourville didn't lose any of his superdreadnoughts. Due to the concealed introduction of Ghost Rider hardware by the Royal Manticoran Navy, Allied losses were light with only five destroyers being destroyed by Havenite forces when they had the misfortune of being at the exact point at which the Havenites translated into the system. (HH9)


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