Battle of Swallow
ConflictSolarian-Manticoran War
DateAugust 1922 PD
PlaceSwallow System
ResultManticoran victory

Royal Manticoran Navy
Task Group 10.2.7

Solarian League Navy
Cruiser Division 423.1


Captain Belloc

Captain Hagan

  • 1 CA
  • 1 CL
  • 7 DD
  • 1 freighter
  • 4 CL
  • 1 freighter
  • none
  • 4 CL surrendered
  • 1 freighter surrundered

The Battle of Swallow was a brief engagement between Task Group 10.2.7 of the Royal Manticoran Navy and Cruiser Division 423.1 of the Solarian League Navy Frontier Fleet in the Swallow System in August of 1922 PD.

Prelude Edit

Dispatched in response to news of Mesan Alignment false flag operations in systems that bordered the Talbott Quadrant of the Star Empire of Manticore, Task Group 10.2.7 translated into the Swallow System and made contact with Floyd Allenby of the Cripple Mountain Movement. Allenby, having expected the Manticorans three weeks earlier because of promises made by the Mesan operative using the alias Harvey Eldbrand, was initially confused when Captain Belloc failed to recognize the code word he had been provided by Eldbrand. However Captain Belloc was able to set the record straight. (SI4)

Order of Battle Edit

Royal Manticoran Navy Edit

Solarian League Navy Edit

Course of Battle Edit

Captain Hagan attempted to contact Swallow Astro Control upon translating into the system, but received no response. With the lack of a response, Hagan assumed the system had fallen into revolutionary hands and sent a second transmission announcing his intent to retake the system on behalf of the legitimate government.

Three hours later and shortly after making turnover to decelerate, Hagan received a response to his second transmission in the form of a communications request from Captain Belloc on the Madelyn Hoffman. In their subsequent conversation, Belloc demonstrated Manticoran stealth and FTL communications capabilities to Hagan, demanding he surrender his ships or she would destroy them.

Outmatched by his Manticoran opponents, Hagan chose to surrender his units. (SI4)

Aftermath Edit

References Edit

  1. Two Roland-class units.
  2. SLNS Ratnik, flagship. Division escorted Priscilla Lane, a civilian transport chartered to transport a Solarian Gendarmerie intervention battalion.
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