Battle of Saltash
Talbott cluster
ConflictSolarian-Manticoran War
DateApril 1922 PD
PlaceSaltash System
ResultManticoran victory

RMN logo small Royal Manticoran Navy
Destroyer Squadron 301

Solarian League Navy Frontier Fleet
Battlecruiser Squadron 491


Captain Zavala

Vice Admiral Dubroskaya

  • 5 DD
  • 4 BC
  • 3 DD


  • 4 BC destroyed
  • 3 DD abandoned
  • approx. 5,400 KIA

The Battle of Saltash was an armed engagement between the Royal Manticoran Navy and the Solarian League Navy, fought in the Saltash System in 1922 PD.

Prelude Edit

Shortly after the Battle of Spindle, the Solarian Governor Damián Dueñas in the Saltash System seized two Manticoran merchantmen, the Argonaut and the Carolyn, and detained their companies on undefined legal grounds, asserting ex post an unspecified medical emergency.

When news of this act reached Spindle through an Andermani trade vessel, Admiral Gold Peak detached Destroyer Squadron 301 to collect and repatriate the two ships and their companies by any means necessary. Dueñas refused to turn over or permit an inspection of the freighters or their crew, and the squadron prepared to engage the defending Solarian forces and rescue the prisoners. (SI4)

Order of Battle Edit

Star Empire of Manticore Edit

Destroyer Squadron 301, Captain Jacob Zavala commanding:

  • Destroyer Division 301.2 - Captain (JG) Frank Morgan
  • Destroyer Division 301.1

Solarian League Edit

Course of Battle Edit

Using its range advantage, which was unknown to the enemy, Destroyer Squadron 301 destroyed the Solarian battlecruisers with four salvos, killing two thirds of their crews. The remaining destroyers in orbit of the planet Cinnamon were then abandoned once their senior officer realized the RMN force's complete tactical superiority.

After trying in vain to convince the System Governor to stand down, Captain Zavala's ships proceeded for Cinnamon orbit to board Shona Station and retrieve the Manticoran merchant crews held there, as well as their ships. The brig section of the station was boarded and part of the Gendarmerie battalion holding it was neutralized, while the captives were freed. (SI4)

Aftermath Edit

References Edit

  1. Original permanent Saltash picket - 3 units, including SLNS Avenger, Captain Myau Ping-wa commanding.
  2. 273 personnel of its Able and Charlie companies present on Shona Station.
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