Battle of Meyers
ConflictSolarian-Manticoran War
DateAugust 1922 PD
PlaceMeyers System
ResultManticoran victory

Tenth Fleet
Royal Manticoran Navy

Madras Sector Detachment
Solarian League Navy


Admiral Gold Peak

Commodore Thurgood

  • 28 SD(P)s
  • 16 BCs
  • CAs
  • DDs
  • BCs
All units surrendered

The Battle of Meyers was the battle between the Tenth Fleet of the Royal Manticoran Navy and the Madras Sector Detachment of the Solarian League Navy that occurred in the Meyers System in August 1922 PD. (SI3)

Prelude Edit

Order of Battle Edit

Royal Manticoran Navy Edit

  • Tenth Fleet

Solarian League Navy Edit

  • Madras Sector Detachment

Course of Battle Edit

Tenth Fleet arrival in the system was detected by Meyers Astro Control at the completion of their downward translation out of hyperspace. In response to the arrival of the superior Manticoran forces, Commodore Thurgood ordered the immediate retreat of his forces to the hyper limit in an attempt to withdraw from the system.

Admiral Gold Peak ordered that the Solarians' updated vector be passed to HMS Talon waiting outside the hyper limit and continued on a zero-zero intercept course with the planet Meyers. Once in orbit of the planet, Gold Peak accepted the surrender of the Solarian Gendarmerie forces led by Colonel Liam Trondheim on the surface.

Meanwhile out near the hyper limit, the second prong of Gold Peak's forces led by Rear Admiral Michael Oversteegen, with the updated vector data from Talon, translated out of hyperspace directly into the path of Thurgood's escaping warships. Thurgood subsequently surrendered his forces. (SI3)

Aftermath Edit

Local control of the Meyers System and the Madras Sector reverted from the Office of Frontier Security to the Kingdom of Meyers. OFS Sector Commissioner Lorcan Verrochio and Vice Commissioner Junyan Hongbo were detained.

No Solarian warships or freighters were able to escape the system with news of its conquest by Manticoran forces.

Local SLN assets removed as a threat to the Talbott Quadrant of the Star Empire of Manticore. (SI3)

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