Battle of Golem
ConflictSolarian-Manticoran War
DateAugust 1922 PD
PlaceGolem System
ResultManticoran victory

Royal Manticoran Navy
Task Group 10.2.9

Solarian League Navy's picket


Captain Tremaine


  • 1 CA
  • 2 CL
  • 8 DD
  • 1 FSV
  • 2 DD
  • sublight customs ships
  • 2 squadrons of transatmospheric sting ships
  • 2 DD surrendered
  • customs ships surrendered
  • transatmospheric sting ships surrendered

The Battle of Golem was an armed engagement between Task Group 10.2.9 of the Royal Manticoran Navy and elements of the Solarian League Navy in the Golem System in August of 1922 PD.

Prelude Edit

Dispatched in response to news of Mesan Alignment false flag operations in system that bordered the Talbott Quadrant of the Star Empire of Manticore, Task Group 10.2.9 translated into the system and encountered elements of the Solarian League Navy. (SI4)

Order of Battle Edit

Royal Manticoran Navy Edit

Solarian League Navy Edit

  • two destroyers
  • sublight elements[2]
    • customs ships
    • 2 squadrons of transatmospheric sting ships

Course of Battle Edit

Task Group 10.2.9 translated into the Golem System and encountered the Solarian League Navy elements. Outmatched by his opponents, the senior Solarian officer surrendered. (SI4)

Aftermath Edit

Task Group 10.2.9 remained in the Golem System for three local days following the battle, but when no one requested Manticoran naval assistance Captain Tremaine determined that the Mesan Alignment had most likely not been active in the system and continued on to Task Group 10.2.9's next destination. (SI4)

References Edit

  1. Four Roland-class units and four Culverin-class units.
  2. Customs ships and sting ships generally weren't mentioned as part of the Solarian League Navy.
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