Battle of Danak
ConflictOperation Embuscade
Date1544 PD
PlaceDanak System
ResultHavenite/Manticoran victory

Republic of Haven Navy
Royal Manticoran Navy

Volsung Mercenaries


Commodore Charnay, RHN
Captain Marcello, RMN

Admiral Gensonne
Captain Jaeger



  • 1 BC
  • 3 CA
  • 5 DD
  • 1 FG


  • 1 DD
  • 2 BC
  • 6 CA
  • 2 BC
  • 4 CA

The Battle of Danak was a battle between the Republic of Haven Navy (with assistance from the Royal Manticoran Navy) and the main force of the Volsung Mercenaries under the command of "Admiral" Cutler Gensonne. It took place in the Danak System in 1544 PD.

The battle was actually an elaborate trap devised by Jeremiah Llyn to get rid of Gensonne and his forces, thus covering up the truth about the recent failed invasion of the Manticore System. (MA3)

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