Battle of Bryant
ConflictSolarian-Manticoran War
Date1922 PD
PlaceBryant System
ResultSolarian victory

Royal Manticoran Navy
a task group

Solarian League Navy
a task force


Vice Admiral Gomez

  • 6 CC
  • several dozen BC
  • screen

The Battle of Bryant was a battle fought between the Royal Manticoran Navy and the Solarian League Navy in the Bryant System during the Solarian League's Operation Buccaneer in late 1922 PD. (HH14)

Prelude Edit

In an attempt to stem the tide of independent star systems aligning themselves with the Grand Alliance, the Solarian League Navy, at the direction of the Mandarins, began a strategy of deliberately destroying the orbital and deep space industrial infrastructure of those systems as a message to anyone that might decide to side with the GA.

Order of Battle Edit

Royal Manticoran Navy Edit

  • A task group

Solarian League Navy Edit

  • A task force - Vice Admiral Gomez, CO

Course of Battle Edit

Upon arriving in the independent Bryant System, Vice Admiral Gomez was met by six Manticoran cruisers[1], who exchanged long-range missile fire with the SLN force only long enough to cover the retreat of two Manticoran freighters before departing the system themselves.

Aftermath Edit

System President McGillicuddy reaffirmed his star nation's neutrality, but Gomez nonetheless carried out his orders to the letter; he did, however, leave the Bryantese time to completely evacuate their orbital habitats.

References Edit

  1. Units lighter than Edward Saganami-class vessel.

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