Battle of Beowulf
ConflictSolarian-Manticoran War
DateJanuary 1923 PD
PlaceSigma Draconis System
ResultPyrrhic Grand Alliance victory

Grand Alliance -
Beowulf System Defense


Admiral McAvoy

Admiral Capriotti

  • system defense missile pods
  • 500 LACs
  • Solarian League:
    • 407 BC
    • 112 screen
  • Mesan Alignment
  • inflicted by the Solarian League:
  • inflicted by the Mesan Alignment:
    • 3 space habitats with its industry destroyed
    • almost 43 millions civilians killed
  • 370 BC destroyed[1]

The Battle of Beowulf was the penultimate major battle of the Solarian-Manticoran War, fought in the Beowulf System in January 1923 PD.

Prelude Edit

The Mesan Alignment intended to use it as cover for the Beowulf Strike, a major attack on the system's primary space stations. However, human error caused a delay in the detonation of the Alignment's pre-placed nuclear charges, revealing the truth about the strike to the Grand Alliance.

Order of Battle Edit

Beowulf System Defense

  • 500 LACs
  • Apollo-capable system defense missile pods supported by Mycroft

Solarian League Navy Task Force 790

  • battlecruiser element[2]
  • screen

Course of Battle Edit

Task Force 790 exited hyperspace 1.3 light-minutes outside the hyper limit and 2 degrees above the plain of the ecliptic. Its ships immediately began to accelerate in-system toward the planet Cassandra at 412Gs at a distance of 7.9 light-minutes from the planet. System Defense transmitted an alert to all ships and out to the Grand Alliance Third Fleet stationed at the Beowulf Terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction.

At the terminus, Admiral Alice Truman ordered her ships to activate their wedges and hyper generators, but only two of her squadrons - Agamemnon-class BC(P)s meant as a reaction force in case of additional Operation Buccaneer strikes by the SLN - were in a position to immediately enter hyperspace to assist the inner system defenses.

In the System Defense Headquarters on Beowulf, Admiral Corey McAvoy made preparations to active the Mycroft and to utilize the impeller wedges of merchantmen idled by Case Lacoön to block incoming missiles against the system's planets or critical space-based infrastructure.

Meanwhile out in space, Mesan Alignment Silver Bullet Q-12 detected the grav pulses of FTL communications between System Defense and the Mycroft platforms. Q-12 activated its graser and fired, destroying the Mycroft master platforms.


Aftermath Edit

See also: Beowulf Strike

The devastation of the attack on Beowulf led directly to the Alliance's decision to launch Operation Nemesis, an attack on the SLN's headquarters in the Sol System. (HH14)

References Edit

  1. 37 BC escaped.
  2. Dividen into task groups. Including Battlecruiser Squadron 312 and Battlecruiser Squadron 960.

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