Bastogne class DD.jpg
Name: Bastogne class
Type: Destroyer
Affiliation: Sign HavenArmedForces.jpg Republic of Haven
Date Introduced: 1883 PD
Preceded By: Durandal class
Succeeded By: Desforge class
Mass: 88,500 tons
Length: 383 m
Beam: 45 m
Draught: 26 m
Acceleration: 519.6 G
Crew: 417
– 63 Officers
– 354 Enlisted
Power: 2 RF/6 Dampierre 4
fusion reactors
Electronics: AG-25 gravitic detection array

AR-26 phased radar array
AL-26(a) lidar array
SLCF-19 18x8-channel DCS

Armament: 18 LME-3(c) missile tubes

4 L/75 anti-ship lasers
4 L/66 anti-ship lasers
8 LMC-8(g) counter missile tubes
8 P/16x3 laser clusters

Magazines: 162 E14 impeller drive missiles

216 C2 counter missiles
4 LAD-24 tethered ECM decoys

Auxiliary Craft: 1 Ouragan-class pinnace
4 Mercure-class cutters

The Bastogne class was a class of destroyers used by the People's Navy.

Class design[]

Bastognes emphasized a heavy missile armament, with seven missile tubes per broadside. This was partially to compensate for the Royal Manticoran Navy's superior missile technology with numbers.

The class was, in turn, very light on the energy weapons, with only two laser mounts per broadside. (HH2, JIR2)

Its purpose was to serve as perimeter defense units in the ever growing People's Republic. (SITS)

The class was also sometimes called the City class. (HH2)


At least one of the ships was built in the Gunther Yard. (HH2)

In the later days of the class' service life, refits were proposed to make them more suitable for the changing battle doctrines of the Havenite-Manticoran Wars. PNS Bruges was used to test the changes, having six of her missile tubes replaced with lasers. This left more missiles for the remaining launchers. The design proved to increase the survivability of the class, but was deemed too costly to be implemented on the remaining vessels. (SITS)

In 1903 PD, one Bastogne-class unit, PNS Breslau, was given to the small star nation of Masada, along with Havenite "loan officers" to crew it properly. Renamed MNS Principality, it served in a proxy war against the Protectorate of Grayson, which was supported by the Star Kingdom of Manticore. (HH2)

Known vessels[]


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