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Basilisk Station was a Royal Manticoran Navy duty station established after the Star Kingdom of Manticore's annexation of the Basilisk System in 1865 PD. The strategic role of that station was connected with the fact that a terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction was located in the system.


King Roger III planned for the Third Fleet to be established and based in the Basilisk System. However, the Act of Annexation limited the picket and no fixed fortifications were permitted. Since 1897 PD, Basilisk Station was treated as a sort of exile for commanders that were unofficially negatively assessed by the conservative Janacek Admiralty. (HH1)

RMN duties[]

The Fleet was responsible for:

  • supporting Basilisk Control in management of Junction through traffic, including customs inspections as required,
  • inspection of all traffic with Medusa itself or with the planet's orbital facilities,
  • supporting the Resident Commissioner and the Native Protection Agency police, for safeguarding all extraMedusan visitors to the planet, and for insuring the security of this system against all external threats.

Senior Officers and their forces[]

Basilisk Station 1900-1901 PD[]

With her tiny forces Commander Harrington, established:

Planetary customs service and space control were executed in cooperation with Native Protection Agency.[2] NPA provided three fleet pinnacles, two boarding shuttles, com officers, flight engineers, and ground-side maintenance personnel for customs duties. The Agency remained in charge with air control.

Task Force Basilisk[]

Task Force Basilisk was a conjectural name for the independent RMN operational unit created in 1901 PD, after the First Battle of Basilisk, and assigned to Basilisk Station. (HH1, HH8)

In 1913 PD it was commanded by Vice Admiral Silas Markham and was comprised of:

  • an orbital picket (a task group), CO Vice Admiral Silas Markham
    • a battle squadron (SD)[3]
    • a battlecruiser element
  • a terminus picket (a task group), CO Rear Admiral Hanaby
    • a battle squadron (DN)
    • a battlecruiser squadron



  1. Including HMS Troubadour.
  2. NPA executed such duties instead of RMN earlier.
  3. 8 units, including HMS King William, task force flagship.