The Barony of Low Delhi was a Manticoran peerage.

In 1543 PD, the title was held by John Garner, who at the time served as Shipyard Supervisor and a member of the Committee of Naval Affairs. (MA3)

In 1850 PD, the title was held by Robert Hemphill, who served as Third Space Lord of the Royal Manticoran Navy. (Companion)

In the early 1900s PD, Admiral Sonja Hemphill was the heiress to the Barony. By 1921 PD, she had inherited the title. (HH11)

Lands Edit

Low Delhi mostly consisted of a one-percent arc section of the Gorgon asteroid belt, with some valuable natural resources and a population of about 920 people in 1922 PD. (HH14)

Known Barons and Baronesses Low Delhi Edit

  • Lord John Garner, Baron of Low Delhi
  • Lord Robert Hemphill, Baron of Low Delhi
  • Lady Dame Sonja Hemphill, Baroness of Low Delhi

References Edit

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