The Barnett System was a star system in the galactic west of the Republic of Haven.

Star Geography Edit

The primary was a G9 star and the only inhabited planet was Enki, which was the location of DuQuesne Base, the People's Navy's third largest fleet base. It was one hundred and twenty seven light years from Haven. (HH3, HH9)

History Edit

Barnett came under Havenite control at some point prior to 1905 PD. Until the loss of Trevor's Star, it had been planned as the jumping-off point for offensive naval operations against the Star Kingdom of Manticore. (HH3)

After the fall of Trevor’s Star, it is assumed that Barnett would also be conquered. Command was given to Admiral Thomas Theisman. (HH7) When he was recalled to Haven, command was transfered to Admiral Dimitri, who was forced to surrender to Manticore's Eighth Fleet after the Battle of Barnett in December 1914 PD. (HH9)

Barnett was initially considered by the Republic of Haven to be ceded to the Star Kingdom of Manticore. However, the system was retaken by the Republican Navy in 1919 PD as part of Operation Thunderbolt. (HH9, HH10, HH11)

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