Barbara Bancroft
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Barbara Bancroft
Barbara Mayhew "the Mother of Grayson"
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Barbara Mayhew (formerly Bancroft) was a Grayson citizen in the 14th Century PD, and one of the most prominent women in Grayson history.


Barbara was the wife of Steadholder Jeremiah Bancroft. During the Civil War, she was on the Faithful side until she discovered that her husband's followers were building a doomsday weapon. She then defected to the Moderates and informed them of the danger in order to save her children. This eventually led to the defeat of the Faithful, and their exile to the planet Masada. (HH2)

With the war over, Madame Barbara married Protector Benjamin IV, becoming a member of the Mayhew Clan and helping more religiously conservative Graysons view themselves in accordance with the Moderates.

Some time later, Madame Barbara was assassinated in front of a crowd. The killer was literally torn apart by an angry mob, and the Protector, with the full support of the people, used the opportunity to crush all remaining pockets of violent extremism on Grayson. (Companion)


Barbara Bancroft was revered as a heroine of Grayson, being called the Mother of Grayson, while she was called the Harlot of Satan by the Faithful. They made Bancroft the living example of their Doctrine of the Second Fall. Some on Grayson even compared her to the Lady of the Lake, a mythological figure. (HH2)

She was also the inspiration for the Sisterhood of Barbara prior to their escape from Masada. (HHA4.1: PL)

The Barbara Bancroft Society was also named after her. (GNLH)