Bancroft Steading was, until its dissolution, one of the Protectorate of Grayson's feudal provinces.

History Edit

Together with Mayhew, Yanakov, Mackenzie and Burdette, Bancroft Steading was one of Grayson's five original Steadings, and alongside the other four founding Steadings it more or less exerted control over Grayson until the event surrounding the Civil War tilted the balance of power towards the Protector. The Steading's capital and first settlement was Bancroft City, as every Steading capital bore the name of its first Steadholder.

Alongside his fellow Steadholders of Simonds and Oswald Steading, Lord Jeremiah Bancroft led the Faithful during the coup attempt which resulted in the death of Protector John II and the other fifty-three current Steadholders as well as their heirs. However, since they failed to kill John II's son and heir, Benjamin, the coup failed to secure complete control over the planet and a brutal civil war ensued.

When the civil war ended and the Faithful were exiled to what would become the planet Masada, the Steading of Bancroft was disestablished by Benjamin the Great along with the Steadings of Simonds and Oswald. Their territories were annexed into the Protector's personal demesne, and the standard of Bancroft Steading was hung above the Protector's high seat in the Great Hall of the Old Palace as a trophy. (HH5, HH8)

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