The Axelrod Corporation was a Solarian transstellar business conglomerate based on Earth.

They were among the first to recognize the significance of wormholes following their initial discovery in 1447 PD, and the Axelrod Astro Survey Division went looking for the gravitic markers indicating wormholes in all previously surveyed star systems. Various wormhole termini were uncovered within the territory of the Solarian League and outside it, including in the Manticore Binary System.

Axelrod financed an attempt by the Volsung Mercenaries to seize the system and the recently discovered Manticore Wormhole Junction with a mercenary-manned fleet before the wormhole was even surveyed. A Royal Manticoran Navy force under Admiral Carlton Locatelli was able to thwart that plan. The takeover was unsuccessful, but was still used as a warning example by Manticorans, including King Roger III, in the centuries to come. (Companion, HHA6.2: ACTA)

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