Avalon class schematic.png
Name: Avalon class
Type: Light cruiser
Affiliation: RMN logo small boxcolored.png Star Kingdom of Manticore
Date Introduced: 1919 PD
Mass: 146,750 tons
Length: 461 m
Beam: 48 m
Draught: 37 m
Acceleration: 749.9 G
Armament: Broadside:
10M, 4G, 8CM, 8PD

2G, 4PD

The Avalon class was a class of light cruisers constructed and operated by the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Origins and Design Notes[]

The Avalon class was a light cruiser variant based on the same design studies that created the Saganami-B-class heavy cruiser, and shared many of the same advantages in terms of fire control, protection, off-bore launching and electronics. The matching destroyer class was the Wolfhound-class. Although categorized and deployed as a light cruiser, it was actually smaller than the Roland-class destroyer. (Companion)

Making ample use of automation to reduce their manning needs, the Avalons were equipped with the same off-bore launching missile tubes employed on the Saganami-B's and Saganami-C's, which gave them the capability to fire from the broadside at targets on the fore and aft arcs, but due to their size they were unable to use missiles as powerful as those fired by the heavy cruisers. (SI1)


The Avalon class filled the role of a light cruiser as defined by the RMN well, and was built in large numbers alongside the Roland- and Saganami-C-classes, many of them being sent to the Silesian Confederacy to help bring order to that chaotic region. The Grayson Space Navy named them the Disciple class. The all Graser layout was copied from the Graysons. (Companion)

Known ships[]


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