The Audubon Ballroom was a private organization of escaped genetic slaves that fought against Manpower Incorporated and other groups and people who practiced genetic slavery. It was classified as a terrorist organisation by many star nations, including the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the Solarian League, due to its methods which included kidnapping, bombings, and assassination of those involved in slavery and the slave trade.

Their battle cry was "Let's Dance!" (HHA5.3: LD)


The Ballroom[1], led by Jeremy X in the 1900s PD, was especially active against Mesa and its companies, most importantly Manpower. (HHA3.3: FtH)

Upon the founding of the Kingdom of Torch the Audubon Ballroom effectively became the core of the military and intelligence apparatus of the Kingdom. It is known that Jeremy X and his close associates intended to alter the tactics and methods of the Ballroom in line with the political realities of being part of a recognized nation-state. It is not known if any elements of the Ballroom continue with their old methods. (CS1)

Connection with the Anti-Slavery League[]

After the Anti-Slavery League began purchasing frigates from the Hauptman Cartel, the Ballroom discreetly provided crews for the ships as part of a program to train "privateers-to-be". It was estimated that only the department heads and highest ratings on the ships were non-Ballroom members. (CS1)


  1. The Ballroom was named after the building on Earth where legendary human rights activist Malcolm X was assassinated. The habit of taking a name followed by the letter X may also be a testament to his legacy.