At All Costs
Name: At All Costs
Author: David Weber
Publisher: Baen Books
Publication Date: 2005
Chapters: 69 + prologue
ISBN: 1416544143
Series: Main Series
Previous: War of Honor
Next: Mission of Honor

At All Costs is the eleventh book of David Weber's series of novels and short stories chronicling the adventures of Honor Harrington. It was first published in 2005.

Timeframe: 1920 – 1921 PD


The war with the Republic of Haven has resumed ... disastrously for the Star Kingdom of Manticore. Admiral Lady Dame Honor Harrington, Steadholder and Duchess Harrington, the single victorious Allied commander of the opening phase of the new war, has been recalled from the Sidemore System to command Eighth Fleet. Everyone knows Eighth Fleet is the Alliance's primary offensive command, which makes it the natural assignment for the woman the media calls "the Salamander."
But what most of the public DOESN'T know is that not only are the Star Kingdom and its Allies badly outnumbered by the Republic's new fleet, but that the odds are going to get steadily worse. Eighth Fleet's job is to somehow prevent those odds from crushing the Alliance before the Star Kingdom can regain its strategic balance. It's a job which won't be done cheaply. Honor Harrington must meet her formidable responsibilities with inferior forces even as she copes with tumultuous changes in her personal and public life.
The alternative to victory is total defeat, yet this time the COST of victory will be agonizingly high.

Plot Edit

Due to the actions of the High Ridge government, which led to a successful attack on key Manticoran Alliance shipyards by the Republic of Haven, the Star Kingdom of Manticore finds itself decidedly on the short end of the strategic balance between the two warring star nations.

Admiral Honor Harrington is placed in command of Eighth Fleet, the Alliance's primary offensive force, which is the sole heavy formation available for operations against Haven. Queen Elizabeth III and her senior advisors project it will be at least two T-years before they can expect any significant numbers of new construction to begin bolstering their thin wall of battle. The Imperial Andermani Navy has fallen behind its initial building schedules and Manticore had overestimated the amount of Superdreadnoughts the Andermani Empire had under construction. Manticore has resorted to re-activating the obsolete pre-pod reserves as "any waller is better than no waller". Manticore's network of spies on Haven has been exposed, removed, or declared loyalty to the Eloise Pritchart. Haven's shipyard at Bolthole has not been found, this allows the Republic of Haven to send more Superdreadnoughts into combat. Manticore must keep a strong Home Fleet since Thomas Theisman knows the locations of the 3 critical shipyards that will paralyze Manticore if they are destroyed. Haven is also increasing production at known shipyards to lessen the reliance on Bolthole. The only postive aspects are the new Missile designs and the fact that LAC construction is at full capacity. This while Haven's progress under Thomas Theisman and Shannon Foraker is giving them an even larger force advantage, and smaller technological disparity.

Strategically, the goal of Eighth Fleet is to instill enough operational caution and sensitivity to losses within Haven to force redeployments; this would have the desperately needed effect of reducing the available number of ships of the wall Haven would then be able to concentrate for offensive action against the Star Kingdom and its allies. Despite the grave circumstances, the Star Kingdom finds itself spread dangerously thin against its security commitments.

Meanwhile, Harrington Steading, and all of the Protectorate of Grayson, mourn the loss of Howard Clinkscales, former General of the Protectorate Security Detachment and Regent of the Steadholders Harrington. Even though he died peacefully after what Graysons would consider a long life, Honor is very dismayed by his death, especially since it makes her realize how many of her Grayson-born friends who never received prolong she will lose in the years to come. To show Howard's family how much she values their support, she creates a blood bond between the Harrington Clan and the Clinkscales Clan, binding the fates of the two families together for all time.

Honor continues to work closely with Hamish Alexander, now First Lord of the Admiralty, on the military and political challenges facing the Alliance. Their professional respect for each others' abilities, and their need for mutual support as they navigate the precarious political landscape in the Star Kingdom, has led them into the very romantic embrace the High Ridge government tried to insinuate years earlier. While this is not the dire political crisis it was during the prior government, it still offers numerous personal and professional difficulties for them. Unfortunately, they find themselves trapped between their emotions and their responsibilities. Things get even more complicated when Honor gets pregnant because her contraceptive implant had not been renewed in time.

The solution comes from an unsuspected side: Lady Emily Alexander, Hamish's paralyzed wife, who has supported the relationship for some time, convinces her husband to marry Honor, forming a polygamous marriage as is common on Grayson, Honor's second homeworld. Eventually, Raoul Alexander-Harrington, legitimate son of Honor, Hamish, and Emily Alexander-Harrington is born.

Honor's Eighth Fleet is defeated by Admiral Javier Giscard in the Battle of Solon. Michelle Henke is taken a prisoner of war by Haven, but is returned to Manticore with an invitation to peace talks. Manticore agrees to a temporary cease-fire, but the mysterious Mesan Alignment intervenes, trying to kill a number of Alliance officials, as well as Queen Berry of the newly founded Kingdom of Torch. Convinced that Haven is responsible, a furious Queen Elizabeth III orders Eighth Fleet to resume the fighting, and Honor can soon score a decisive victory in the Battle of Lovat. Admiral Giscard is killed in this engagement, to the great dismay of his lover, Havenite President Eloise Pritchart.

Upon her return to Manticore, Honor learns that Katherine Alexander-Harrington, the biological child of Emily and Hamish, has just been born. She rushes to see her daughter, even dismissing a request for an immediate meeting with the Queen.

When President Pritchart orders two Havenite fleets to attack the Star Kingdom's home system, the Second Havenite-Manticoran War climaxes in the largest space battle in the history of the human race, the Battle of Manticore. Thousands of ships are destroyed, and over two million people lose their lives, including Honor's beloved friend and colleague Alistair McKeon. Yet Manticore prevails, and both sides are left without significant offensive capabilities for the time being.

Continuity Edit

The final scene from the spin-off novel The Shadow of Saganami is included in the book, showing the return of HMS Hexapuma and HMS Warlock from the Talbott Cluster, this time from the perspective of Sebastian D'Orville.



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