The Asgard System was a star system in the far galactic north-west of the Solarian League and the location of the Asgard Wormhole Junction.

Star GeographyEdit

Asgard was bordered by the Star Kingdom of Manticore to the east, the Anderman Empire to the northeast, the Midgard Federation to the north, and Matapan to the northwest.

Asgard was located 332 light years away from the Durandel System. (HH3)


Not much is known about the region, other than the fact that they have some agreement with the Midgard Federation in which Midgard provides military protection and recieves favorable trade advantages, and in return the Asgard Association maintains some degree of political independence.


The Government is named the Asgard Association, which implies a confederate style of government.

Society and CultureEdit

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