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Arnold Giancola
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Arnold Giancola was a Havenite citizen and politician.


Giancola had a brother, Jason, who was over ten T-years younger than him. (HH10)


He was a low mid-level treasury bureaucrat under the Legislaturalists and then the Committee of Public Safety. His competence drew attention and he transferred to the State Department, then back to the Treasury under Avram Turner.

His brother Jason was a senator who helped him build a powerful political machine.

After the fall of Oscar Saint-Just and the restoration of the Republic, Giancola became Eloise Pritchart's primary political opponent and took nineteen percent of the popular vote. Because he emerged as the second most powerful politician after the presidential election, Pritchart offered him the post of Secretary of State of the Republic of Haven in 1915 PD.

Extremely ambitious and ruthless, he engaged in several criminal and unethical actions seeking to undermine Pritchart. First, he disclosed the existence of Operation Bolthole to his allies, forcing Thomas Theisman to go public with the effort to rebuild Haven's military to get ahead of the leak.

Second, he altered messages between the Star Kingdom of Manticore and Haven. Instead of communicating Haven's desire to recover colony worlds captured by Manticore ahead of plebiscites to determine their permanent future, Giancola communicated a demand for resumption of permanent Havenite sovereignty. The systems demanded, in complete contravention to Pritchart's policy, included Trevor's Star.

The consequences spun out of control when both governments, unaware of Giancola's edits, began to see each other as belligerent and unreasonable. Fearing a Manticoran pre-emptive attack, Pritchart ordered Operation Thunderbolt, beginning the Second Havenite-Manticoran War. Giancola had expected Pritchart to give in to Manticore, causing a devastating loss of foreign policy credibility he could have used to supplant her as president.

Distressed that he misread Pritchart so badly, Giancola tried to cover up his tracks, but he and his brother were killed in an aircar accident in September 1920 PD. This aided the Mesan Alignment, which had secretly orchestrated the whole crisis from several angles. Leslie Montreau replaced Giancola as Secretary of State. (HH10, HH11)


Preceded by
Secretary of State
of the Republic of Haven
Succeeded by
Leslie Montreau