Anthony Langtry
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Sir Anthony Langtry
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Foreign Secretary

Sir Anthony Langtry, GCR, was a Manticoran citizen, former Marine officer, diplomat and politician.

Physical appearance[]

Langtry was a tall man with much of his bulk in his torso. He characteristically moved in a half-trot which, combined with his long legs, made him move much faster than most people. (HH2)


Langtry was a retired Colonel of the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps.

In 1903 PD, Sir Anthony was Manticore's ambassador to the Protectorate of Grayson. Prior to Admiral Courvosier's arrival to negotiate a treaty of alliance, he was on the planet for three weeks, making prepartions. Yet, he forgot, or deliberately avoided, notifying Grayson's government that the Royal Manticoran Navy officers en route to the system included females in high ranking positions.

After the death of Admiral Raoul Courvosier, he and Reginald Houseman, the second in rank of the Manticore delegates[1], informed the senior offier of the Manticoran squadron present in the system, Captain Honor Harrington, about the First Battle of Yeltsin's Star. Houseman insisted that Harrington and her ships evacuate all Manticoran citizens at a meeting with Langtry on Grayson. As the meeting progressed, Houseman threatened Harrington lest she fail to follow his direction. She declined, with formal backing from Langtry, and assaulted Houseman when he insisted, noting his cowardice in doing so. Langtry took responsibility for collecting Manticoran dependents and non-combatants, while Harrington attempted to coordinate plans with Grayson Central Command. This proving to be impossible, she adopted Langtry's advice to demand an audience with Protector Benjamin IX.

In the aftermath of the Second Battle of Yeltsin's Star, Langtry went aboard HMS Reliant to attend a meeting with Captain Harrington, Admiral of the Green Hamish Alexander, High Admiral Wesley Matthews, and Protector Benjamin. During th conference, he knighted Harrington on behalf of Queen Elizabeth III, making her a member of the Order of King Roger. (HH2)

He was appointed Foreign Secretary of the Star Kingdom of Manticore in Baron Grantville's cabinet, succeeding Elaine Descroix after the fall of the High Ridge government. He served in this role until his death in the Beowulf Strike. (HH10,HH14)

Service Record[]


  • Colonel, RMMC

Awards and Decorations[]


  1. Langtry also informed Harrington about the friendship between Admiral Courvosier and High Admiral Bernard Yanakov.