Andrea Jaruwalski
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Andrea Jaruwalski
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Andrea Jaruwalski was a Manticoran citizen and an officer in the Royal Manticoran Navy.


Holding the rank of Commander, she served as Rear Admiral Elvis Santino's operations officer for the RMN picket in the Seaford Nine System in 1913 PD. When the People's Navy Task Force 14.1 attacked, she urged Santino to abandon the system. He relieved her and ordered her off the ship. Ironically, this saved her life, as Santino and the rest of his force were killed soon after in the Second Battle of Seaford Nine. (HH8)

Because Admiral Honor Harrington knew Santino from her midshipman cruise aboard HMS War Maiden, she assumed that Commander Jaruwalski may have received unfair treatment. She asked her to be her deputy at the Advanced Tactical Course and almost single-handedly salvaged her career and restored her reputation. (HH9)

She was promoted to Captain (JG) at Admiral Harrington's behest with the First Space Lord, and later served as Admiral Harrington's staff operations officer in Task Force 34. (HH10)

She was again promoted to Captain (SG) and fleet operation officer for the Eighth Fleet for its offensive operations deep in Havenite territory. (HH11) After the Battle of Manticore she remained in that capacity through at least 1922 PD, and was influential in the development of tactical doctrine for the Grand Alliance's Grand Fleet. (HH12, HH13)

Service Record[]


  • Commander (before 1913 PD)
  • Captain (JG)
  • Captain (SG)


  • Operations Officer, Seaford Nine picket (1913 PD)
  • Commandant's Assistant, Advanced Tactical Course, Saganami Island (1914 PD)
  • Operations Officer, Task Force 34 (1919 PD)
  • Operations Officer, Eighth Fleet (1921 PD)
  • Operations Officer, Grand Fleet (1922 PD)