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An Introduction to Modern Starship Armor Design

An Introduction to Modern Starship Armor Design was a book by Hegel DiLutorio, formerly of the Royal Manticoran Navy, and first published in 1906 PD.

It was basically a tech bible, detailing Manticoran warship armor design on the example of the then-state of the art Star Knight-class heavy cruiser.

Contents Edit

  • Deep Space Warfare from 1246 to the Present: A Short History of the Threat
    • Factors Affecting Performance
    • Nuclear Device Yield
    • Gravitic Lens Array Amplification
    • Lasing Material
    • Spot Size
    • Rod Jitter
    • Weapon Effects and Armor: How Does a Weapon Damage the Target?
    • Armor Function: How Does Armor Work?
    • Armor Materials
    • Boundary Materials
    • Scattering Materials
    • Structural Materials
    • Liquid Materials
    • Overall Armor System Design
  • State of the Art in Heavy Cruiser Armor: The Star Knight-class
    • Protective Features
    • General Outer Hull Armor
    • Hammerhead Armor
    • Core Armor
    • Impeller Room Belts
    • General Engineering Belts
    • Gundeck Belts
  • Conclusion

Background Edit

This tech bible is actually the fourth "short story" in the fifth Worlds of Honor anthology, "In Fire Forged".

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