The Alphanes were an ancient race of sentient beings who occupied a number of worlds[1] at least one hundred millenia before humans settled in the same area.

They used an advanced crystal-growing technology, of which only a few relics remained in the Post Diaspora era. Their books were holographic crystals that were activated using alternating current power.

Kalpriades' Survey of the Alphane Worlds was a book about the planets once populated by the species.

Human scientists had no sure knowledge of what the Alphanes actually looked like, but believed them to be bipedal reptilians, perhaps related to the Growlers.[2] (HHA1.2: AGT)


  1. Two of these worlds were Hope (formerly Salamis) and Tesserow.
  2. The Alphanes make their only appearance in the short story "A Grand Tour" by David Drake. No other Honorverse material mentions them.