Albrecht Detweiler
Full Name
Albrecht Detweiler
Alpha One
Male   Male
Death date
October 1922 PD
Death place
CEO, Manpower Inc.
Head of the Mesan Alignment
  ●   Spouse(s): 
  ●   Son(s): 

Albrecht Detweiler was a Mesan citizen and the head of the secretive Mesan Alignment.


Like his predecessors, Albrecht was a genetically enhanced descendant of Leonard Detweiler, the founder of Mesa and the originator of the scheme, which became the Mesan Alignment, to genetically improve the human species. He was married to Evelina Detweiler.

Unlike his own father, who created only one offspring to follow in his footsteps, Albrecht decided to "diversify", having no less than six cloned "sons": Benjamin, Collin, Daniel, Everett, Franklin, and Gervais. (HH11, SI4)


Albrecht was born a scion of the Detweiler line, the most heavily modified and improved, and thus most prestigious, of the Alignment's Alpha lines, some time prior to the 20th Century PD.

He was the leader, in effect the Chief Executive Officer, of Mesa, its most important corporations (including Manpower Incorporated), and of the Alignment itself. He was, therefore, one of the most significant individuals in the Galaxy, though unknown to it.

In mid-1921 PD, he travelled to the secret Alignment base in the Darius System to congratulate the personnel of the Mesan Alignment Navy for their successful execution of Operation Oyster Bay. (HH12).

Following the destruction of the Gamma Center, he ordered the acceleration of Operation Houdini, the long-planned removal of any sign of the Aligment's influence from mainstream Mesan society, including the complete relocation or termination of all of its personnel. (HH13)

In October 1922 PD, he and his wife committed suicide by detonating nuclear devices all over the surface and in space above Mesa to keep any remaining proof of the Alignment's presence in the Mesa System from falling into the hands of the invading Grand Alliance fleet commanded by Admiral Gold Peak. The detonations killed the remaining Alignment inner onion personnel still awaiting extraction through Operation Houdini, and dealt an additional PR blow to Manticore in the eyes of the Solarian public. (SI4)