Agatá Wodoslawski was a Solarian citizen and government official.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Wodoslawski had dark red hair and gray eyes, and was a third-generation prolong recipient. (HH12)

Biography Edit

She became the Permanent Senior Undersecretary of the Treasury for the Solarian League around the year 1911 PD, a position to which she was appointed following the demise of her predecessor, Brian Sullivan, and originally only as a compromise solution agreed to by the other permanent senior undersecretaries, all of whom had their own candidates for the position. (HH12)

Wodoslawski was the youngest member of the so-called "Quintet" of senior bureaucrats who actually governed the Solarian League. (SI2)

Following the execution of Operation Nemesis by the Grand Alliance, she attempted to hide in order to escape when Admiral Honor Alexander-Harrington demanded the arrest and surrender of the Quintet. (HH14)

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