Name: Agamemnon class
Type: Pod-laying battlecruiser
Affiliation: RMN logo small boxcolored Star Kingdom of Manticore
Preceded By: N/A
Mass: 1,750,750 tons
Length: 815 m
Beam: 118 m
Draught: 110 m
Acceleration: 80% Accel: 554.1 G (5.434 kps2)
Armament: Broadside: 10G, 30 CM, 30PD

Fore: 4G, 12PD Aft: 4 MP, 4G, 12PD

Magazines: 360 pods - Mk 16 MDMs

The Agamemnon class was a Manticoran class of pod-laying battlecruisers.

Origins and Design Notes Edit

Agamemnon-class ships were larger than standard-sized Manticoran battlecruisers, and were based on the pod-laying superdreadnought design of carrying missile pods inside the hull, rather than merely tractoring the pods inside the wedge. The idea for a podlaying battlecruiser originated with the Grayson Space Navy.

In order to maximize salvo density rather than missile range, Agamemnon pods were usually loaded with the Mark 16 two-stage MDMs, which had a shorter range and employed a smaller warhead than the Mark 23 three-stage missiles the Courvosier II-class BC(P)s carried. This allowed BuShips to cram fourteen missiles into each pod, instead of the usual ten carried by the pods on the older Medusa-class SD(P)s. So while an Agamemnon could only deploy four pods at a time versus the Medusa's six, the Agamemnon's salvo density from those pods was nearly as great. This seemed to be a logistical decision though, as an Agamemnon could still launch pods carrying Mark 23 missiles if it needed to.

The Agamemnon was found to have significant deficiencies for their size in terms of survivability (as demonstrated in the Battle of Solon), due to the structural weaknesses and thinner armor the hollow core imposed. (SI2ch.1-2, Companion)

HMS Ajax was an example of the new Agamemnon-class pod-laying battlecruisers. (HH11)

In response to the Solarian League Navy's Operation Buccaneer, the Agamemnons were equipped with a new control system pairing tractored Hermes buoys and Ghost Rider drones and deployed to protect vulnerable systems. (HH14)

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