Adrienne Winton
Full Name
Adrienne Michelle Aorianna Elizabeth Winton
Female   Female
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Adrienne Michelle Aorianna Elizabeth Winton, publicly known as Adrienne I, was the queen of the Star Kingdom of Manticore from 1669 PD to 1681 PD.


Princess Adrienne was born in 1630 PD on Manticore as the only child of King Roger II and Queen Solange. During her youth, her mother was assassinated through sabotage of the Royal yacht she was travelling on. After that, Adrienne became estranged from her grieving father and they had a distant relationship at best.

In 1651 PD, Crown Princess Adrienne was on a state visit to the planet Sphinx, when the treecat Seeker of Dreams adopted[1] her just before foiling an assassination attempt on her. After these events, her father's attitude changed and they enjoyed a much closer relationship. She named Seeker of Dreams Dianchect.

Once she had become queen, she allowed treecats on Royal Manticoran Navy vessels to be with their bonded humans. (HHA2.2: WPD, HH1)

In 1671 PD, she sent Commodore Edward Saganami and an RMN strike force to the Silesian Confederacy to battle piracy in the area. Saganami's last message before his death in the Battle of Carson was directed to her. (SI1) After it reached her, she sent an entire battleship squadron to the Confederacy to avenge Saganami and his crew, wipe out the remaining pirates, and force terms on the Silesian government that would ensure that Manticore could guard its own commerce in the area. (Companion)


The Adrienne Cross, a decoration for Monarch's Own Regiment personnel who risked or gave their life in defense of the monarch or another member of the Royal family, was named after her. (CS1)

The Royal yacht HMS Queen Adrienne, in service in the early 20th Century PD, was named after her as well. (HH9)


  1. She was the first of seven of the next nine monarchs of Manticore to be adopted by a treecat.

Preceded by
Roger II
Queen of Manticore
(1669 – 1681 PD)
Succeeded by
William I